Package includes 3 Medium BulletBobbers 2.5" long.
Medium and can handle lead weight between 1/16 and 3/16 oz.
They weigh 3/8 ounces and can make longer casts.
They are noted as being great popping corks to attract fish.
The small BulletBobber is by far the most popular size.

3 Medium 2.5"  BulletBobbers
3 Medium 2.5" BulletBobbers
Item# 3_Medium_Bullet_Bobbers_Green_Orange
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The medium size BulletBobber is good for jigs, small spoons, spinners and small lures with lips up to 3/16 ounce. Maintaining retrieval speed and popping to reverse direction without relaxing cranking speed is key to being effective with lures. The flip will cause some slack in the leader as the lure reverses direction. Be aware, that when the lure stops, turns or starts to speed back up will often cause a strike! They are the best popping cork at attracting and catching fish because of the greatly extended retrieval length you get by zigzagging.

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