Package includes 3 Medium BulletBobbers 2.5" long.
Medium and can handle lead weight between 1/16 and 3/16 oz.
They weigh 3/8 ounces and can make longer casts.
They are noted as being great popping corks to attract fish.
The small BulletBobber is by far the most popular size.

3 Medium 2.5"  BulletBobbers
3 Medium 2.5" BulletBobbers
Item# 3_Medium_Bullet_Bobbers_Green_Orange
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How to put on a BulletBobber without breaking the line!  photo BulletBobber20Knot_zpsywkjacvr.jpg

The medium size BulletBobber is good for jigs, small spoons, spinners up to 3/16 ounce and small lures with lips.

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