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How to put on a BulletBobber without breaking the line.  photo BulletBobber20Knot_zpsywkjacvr.jpg
The front of the instruction cards provide weight limits for each size.
BulletBobber Weights Limits photo CardFrontwithWeightLimit.jpg
The back of the instruction cards. RIG IT RIGHT but if it won't flip one direction move the line from the 9 O'clock position toward the 6 or 12 O'clock position. It will surprise you at how much difference this little change can make and is often needed when fishing currents from shore to get the to go out into the current.
 photo 018a8846-1345-4640-9a45-3a02e29775c5_zps0wj7gwwa.jpg

Below is a small BulletBobber with a wing taped on the side. It will not flip when given a tug or in fast currents or trolling. When given a tug it held its attack angle remaining as stable as larger boards. The water that deflects upward off the keel hits the extended wing preventing any roll. It rose up a little maintaining the proper attack angle for faster speeds. Keep in mind the hydrofoil can be used in combination with other tips and tricks noted on this page to be extremely versatile! See "The Prowler" for more information about hydrofoils / stabilizers. BB fin 2 photo BBfin2_zps58453fa3.jpg BB fin 1 photo BBfin1_zps204a4720.jpg

This one requires drilling a small hole, a toothpick, a plastic tail notched to fit around the toothpick and taped on both sides. Again it planed out at a wider angle but would not flip when given a little tug. I did this to get the water out of one that developed a leak. I went around the seem and the holes with super glue to keep it from leaking again.

BB tail 1 photo BBtail1_zpsc8556bbf.jpg BB tail 2 photo BBtail2_zps560cb43e.jpg

Automatic Hit Release Loop

If you want to fish deep with the BulletBobber you can try drilling a 1/32Ē hole through the peg. As you can see I didnít get all the way through before the drill bit came out the side but close is good enough. To rig it, thread everything like shown and then make a loop and put the peg in. When you set the hook the loop will straighten out and everything will slide down the line so you can reel in. If you are in a boat just hold the bobber and let your lure or bait drop to the bottom. Then lift it up the distance you want to troll off the bottom and attach the BulletBobber with a loop. Pull out the loop by hand a couple times to get the feel for the release sensitivity you want.

BulletBobber release clip loop

If you donít want it to flip i.e. trolling with many rods or wanting it to stay out from shore in a river. Adding a clamp to a keel makes it much more difficult to flip direction and adding a larger clamp to the far wing makes it more stable by holding down a keel. Sliding the clamp a little forward or back can adjust the balance to handle heavier lures.


The prowler comes with weights (screws or brass pegs)  photo ROLL20AND20PLANE20ANGLE_zps7clq47sz.jpg

Fish the entire area inside the outlined area by using the fast current indicated by the cross hatched area. Flip the lever so you can reel out line as fast as needed to work it across the fast currents and keeping it from diving. If it goes into a dive I pull hard making the rod bend then give it slack so it comes back up and continue to work across the fast currents. If the fish are down in the fast currents making it dive will take your lure or bait down. Very light repetitive popping will make the BulletBobber jiggle, plane sideways and point up providing a flutter / jigging action.

River Fishing with BulletBobbers

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