Steer It River Fishing

If you fish river and stream you will like Steer It Fishing design features:

1) The small size - "Worlds Smallest Planer Boards"

2) The patented directional control

3) The greatly increased number of places that you can reach.

4) The ability to continually fish without recasting

5) The ability to slip rig using BulletBobber Bad Beads

6) The easy depth adjustment

7) The shape rarely tangles on the cast

8) The weight is just right for long cast

9) The line will never break at the bobber

10) The in-line attachment design with soft inner tubing.

11) The high visibility colors that indicate planing direction

12) The glow sticks for night fishing

13) The "Must Read" user feedback TIPS AND TRICKS for DIY options.

BulletBobbers and DualFins:

bullet bobber,glow stick

Using the right size Bullet bobber is most important for rivers and streams. The Bullet Bobber is made in 4 sizes 2", 2.5", 3" and 4" long with weight limits as shown in this table. The DualFin is 6” long and can handle up to 2 ounces of weight.


The question is, what kind of river currents are you facing. If it is fast flowing from bank to bank with no eddies, or pools then you might need to use the DualFin. Consider that if the current is too fast that your lure may be trailing on the surface unless you add weight and increase your depth. If you need more weight you may need to use a bigger size. If there are eddies and pools it is best to slip-rig and get up against the edge of the current’s speed lane. If it gets pushed away it can slip down deeper for added coverage.

A fast lane of current can hold them at bay because there are limits to the headway they can make against the flow. Meaning, they will hold their place in the current so you can set the rod down and wait for a hit. It will continual to hold place until you get a hit , the turbulence flips them or there is a slack in the current that allows them to swing out farther.

By fine tuning the Bullet Bobber you can bias its ability to flip one way more or less easily and it often good to bias them to run away from shore. The 9 O’clock is the neutral location for your line. The 12 O’clock and the 9 O’clock positions provide the maximum amount of biasing. If you move the line to orange side it will more easily flip to the green side and visa-verse.

BulletBobber Fine Tuning The best way to find fish is to first get it balanced and tuned so it holds place in the current well. Then you can pop it to run side to side or hold position at different locations down stream. You can slowly let line out working it down stream or let out a lot of line and work you way back up. It is often possible to fish the far side of a fast lane. With the right weight balance it can slowly work its way across the fast lane without wiping out. It takes some trial and error but learning something by doing is easy! Once you find and catch fish you will forever be looking at the currents and eddies of rivers and streams in an entirely different fashion!