I am seeking companies that can make foam fishing lures. They can be hard or soft foam. It would be beneficial if they were weedless.

BulletBobber Frog photo FrogWorks.jpg

Frogrigging photo Frogrigging.jpg

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BulletBobber Enterprises doesn't make custom lures but we encourage you to try your hand at it. It is easy! And if you send us a picture of a fish caught on your custom lure we'll show case your catch, you and your talent on this page! We will provide your contact info so you can sell your custom design/s or if you prefer we can add it to our store.

Get some Sharpies and get started! This is the first one I colored and will use it as a float and as a lure. It just makes sense to see if your custom BulletBobber will get a hit! BIG baits catch BIG fish! I gave this one a base coat of light green on one side and light orange on the other. Then highlight it with dark green, dark orange, black and a little pink. You can wipe it before it dries to get a faded look. There are several companies that make eyes that could be stuck or glued on.


Here are the first 3 that I painted and/or colored. They look very enticing if you hold them up to a bright sky to get the fish's perspective. Photobucket

Rigging a BulletBobber to be a top water lure with directional control is accomplished by pulling a jig and soft tail up close to the body to look like a frog. You can just tie on a treble hook or a weedless hook with a soft worm tail to look like mouse. Then you can fish over, thru and around lily pads or weed beds - under docks and trees or zigzag to extend lure action time. They make a popping noise when you flip them.

BulletBobber Lure

If you're an airbrush painter you can get really fancy.


Each size BulletBobber is designed for a specific lure or lead weight range, and without enough weight you can make it go into a dive by momentarily speeding up your retrieve. Once they start to dive, you can reel faster to send them deeper, or back off and cruise just below the surface. You have the ability to dive to the left, surface, flip direction and dive again.


Musky fishermen use the figure 8 to extend the action of a lure and get a hit. And the Zara Spook does a little zigzag. The X-Large will travel up to 6 inches for every 1 inch of retrieve providing 6 times the opportunity for the fish to strike. If you catch a Muskie and it crunches up your lure we'll send you a free replacement if you email in a picture of fish and remains.

You can add stickers and/or glow stick. BulletBobber Lure