Paddle Row & Fish Bullet Bobbers

These techniques are very stealthy and are the most FUNctional way to fish I have ever experienced. They can work for kayaks, canoes, row boats, drift boats, belly boats and for lazy guys with electric trolling motors.

I have an Old Town 3 seat Sportsman canoe with oars that I can turn on a dime by sitting in the middle seat. I use BulletBobbers on both rods placed in rod holders on the sidewalls near the oar locks for easy reach. Row boats are perfect for trolling because you face backwards. If you have a Kayak and fish rivers you can finesse troll by going slower then the river (back paddling) and letting the current push the Bulllet Bobbers outward in front of you where you can see them. The other option for kayaks is to troll going backwards. I have the rod holders pointing straight up and use 9í rods so I can set the bait up to 10í deep and still net a fish. It is really cool controlling the location and depth of 2 baits or lures at the same time by how I maneuver my canoe. With the baits or lures planing out to the sides and the rods pointing almost straight up I can spin my canoe up to 175 degrees and not effect the speed of the BulletBobbers or cross lines. I do the best using small jigs tiped with big minnows but tipping with crawlers works well too.

A good night fishing tool too! Make sure the line is in the right place and push the glow stick in 3/4 of the way.

I typically slip-rig the Bullet Bobber so I can stop or back up and let it drop down deeper. I can even have one drop down and keep the other one moving by circling around the down bait. I like trolling one Bullet Bobber close to the shore and if there is a tree sticking out I flip the BulletBobber by giving it a little bump, so it cuts away and then bump the rod again to get back in close to shore. My rods fit loosely in the rod holders and just giving them a little bump will usually flip direction. If a tree is overhanging the water I just run under it. I can also put one Bullet Bobber back further and run both lines on the same side.

Sometimes I just row very slowly and frequently pop the rods to flip direction. Changing speeds and direction gets the fish to strike. I get a lot of hits just after my lure reverses direction. Bullet Bobbers change speeds as they swing from side to side. They go faster then my canoe when they are cutting across the wake and return to canoe speed as they reach their maximum angle from the wake.

It really is a great way to fish and you get a little physical and mental exercise at the same time! It took a while to get the hang of watching both rods and Bullet Bobbers at the same time and coordinating the right stroke/s to get the result I wanted...especially when there is some wind and/or current but I got it down pretty good now and get better every time out. Iíll also use a variety of small hard baits with larger Bullet Bobbers or Dualfins if I donít have live bait. But using live bait allows you to stop at anytime and still have something that the fish will hit.