Two 3" Prowler Planers

<b>Two 3" Prowler Planers</b>
Item# 2-3inProwlers
$13.00, 2/$24.00


Set Prowlers to go LEFT or RIGHT or FLIP DIRECTION with a POP
Prowlers are 3" long and weigh 1/2oz
Molded smooth skin polyurethane foam.
Package of TWO 3" Prowlers
Includes 4 bead pegs, 4 solid brass nail and 4 stainless weight balance screws

These Bead/pegs/line-grabbers have barbs on both ends to pop your line into and can be slid up or down to set lure depth. To secure it in place loop your line around them again and pop into place over top of the first pass. To change depth undo the extra loop. It is nice to have pegs you don't have to worry about dropping when adjusting lure depth. And with the glow white color you can find it at night!

Prowlers can do all the tricks of the BulletBobber but with the Prowler's movable weight balance screw you can set them to just go left or right to troll with many rods. Crappie fishermen love the Prowlers just because they are more user friendly then all other planers in many ways without the flipping.

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