Spillway Fishing
with Direction Control

The BulletBobber and DualFin are RIVER FISHING MACHINES that will keep your lure active in the current so you only need to make ONE CAST! If it isn't crowded you can go where you want and because they have directional control even if it gets very crowded everyone can find a place and keep out of each others way. Once you get it planing like a kite and holding in an area you can set your rod down and watch all the action. Set your leader length twice as deep as the water depth so it gets down. The oscillating and percolating currents provide all the action you need. It is all about fishing etiquette and the BulletBobber is great for busy places.

spillway fishing


If you use the plug you should watch the bobber but if you slip-rig it you watch your rod tip for a hit. No matter how you rig it your rod will be flexing as the force of the current fluctuates. But you will quickly learn the difference between the current and a hit by watching the action of the BulletBobber or DualFin. They will dive backwards if it is a hit when using the plug and you can feel or see the rod flex more or the tip twitch if you get a hit while using a slip-rig. If you like team sports you can get enough lures close together in a spot to look like a school of bait fish and start a feeding frenzy.


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