Slip Rig Bobber Stops Float & Fly - Depth Finder

Slip Rig Bobber Stops Float & Fly Depth Finder
A slip rigged BulletBobber with Bad Beads can be used to determine the depth (weighted depth sounder) and then to control the minimum and maximum lure depth. Bad Beads pop on your line and can be moved by sliding them up or down the line. Bad Beads are buoyancy neutral and reusable!
How it works as a depth finder? Cast out and watch the upper bead to see if it moves (slips) all the way to the bobber. If it does, the water is deeper and the bead needs to be slid further up the line. If you see the bead stop 6” short of reaching the bobber you can move it 12” and you will be fishing 6” off the bottom. Using the BulletBobber’s side planer action you can virtually map out the depth of a large area with just one cast.
Generally, it makes sense if you can zero in on the depth the fish are hitting to slide the beads closer together but not all the way. You can move them tight against both sides of the BulletBobber but preferably leave some slack to allow for some vertical jigging action.
The BulletBobber's built-in left/right directional control combined with slip-rigging for depth control gives you 3 dimensional / directional control over a large area.
Jig your lure as the bobber planes sideways along the edge of a fallen trees, rock ledges, docks, weed lines or any structure. BulletBobber's will travel sideways many times further then the length of your cast and by slip rigging you can add to the distance by moving up and down! In total your bait or lure could travel 10 to 20 times the length of your cast. A slip rigged BulletBobber is the best way to fish!