Use Tidal Flows or rip tides and the DualFin to reach out further then ever before!

You may be the long distance surf caster champion but you can not beat the DualFin for reaching out from shore under some circumstances i.e. tidal passes.

The tide goes in, the tide goes out, its simple! Use the power of tidal flows to steer where you want like flying a stunt kite. The more line you have the further you can reach out. At this scale the long lines are out about 75 yards out. The DualFin (like the BulletBobber) has on demand directional control. You only need to cast it out far enough to grab a little current and let them drift a bit, then give them a tug to flip planing direction if needed to get out there, find the fish and get them to hit with continuous side to side lure action. Tidal flows are finicky things, they are fast in the narrows and slow as they open up. You'll find areas that work best for zigzagging or holding position...until the tide changes direction when you may want to change your vantage point.

Cape Hatteras or any pass. Also works well at river mouths and from bridges. Just need to check which way the flow is going if you really want to reach out.

Fiswhing Tidal Flow Passes

Anyhow, if you get tired of casting, try clipping on a DualFin! Or if your using small baits or lures you can try slip rigging a BulletBobber to add depth control to the directional control. DualFins are best for faster currents and bigger lures.