Trolling & Drift Fishing

If you troll or drift fish for Stripers, Walleye, Musky, Crappies or any other species the BulletBobber and DualFin will cover the area thoroughly with one pass. When you flip direction, be ready for a fight because it makes a bait or lure irresistible. To use multiple rods and be able to flip them from one side the other put them out at different lengths. When you flip the bait will cut across to the other side of the boat. The more you flip them the better your chances are of picking up fish! Getting in close to shore, near structure, where fish are spawning and then cutting away to miss the structure at the last second will get a hit!
Drift Fishing
Pictures below are courtesy of Captain Chet Moore the director of the Tennessee Striped Bass Association. Chet keeps X-Large BulletBobbers on all his rods all the time with 3/8 ounce jigs or weights and up to 6" shad. Chet reported that he has significantly increased his catch rate by using the directional control to get close to but avoid snagging stumps or trees hanging in the water. He says the cut back really pulls them out of hiding or off their spawning beds by provoking an instinctual strike of panicking bait fish in retreat. Thank you Chet! You're the best BulletBobber Enterprises Pro Staffer I could have! I really hope to use your guide service soon and get some video of a Pro Guide.


Another Striper fishermen Gene Vicars sent this pic in taken with his cell phone. He fishes open water and uses BulletBobbers to provide a spread away from the boat. Thank you Gene!

Gene Vicar and Striper