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My Favorite method of shore fishing is using any current (shown by cross-hatching) to move down stream as far as I want and use the direction control to move in and out of the current fishing anywhere from bank to bank without recasting. It really is fun and a much more effective way to fish!

BulletBobber River Fishing, Picture shows fast and slow currents that can be fished with the DualFins or BulletBobber 100 or 200 yards downs stream from bank to bank. The ability to plane to the side and flip direction means you can fish everywhere.

The #1 Best Way to Fish
Slip Rigging a Bullet Bobber is the best way to fish. When you give it slack it drops and moves sideways and not directly towards you. Use a split shot to set the minimum depth and a bobber stop if you want to limit the maximum depth. TIP: Twitching the rod tip adds attraction-action for fish. slip rigging,float and fly,texas rig bobber
How to Troll the Shoreline
Keep your lure or bait in the water 100% of the time and cover a wide path. Make your lure or bait run parallel to shore or zigzag in and out with remote control accuracy. shore fihing,trolling,planing bobber
How to Fish Rivers
Fishing slow to moderate currents is great FUN because you never need to recast. It is like flying a stunt kite with just one string! river fishing,planer board,directional bobber
How to Fish Eddies
Fish anywhere in eddies and pools or hold along the edge of the fast current. These are the places fish sit and wait for food to come drifting past! The fluctuations in current continually create small eddies along the edge that provide all the action you need for a soft bait, spoon, or live bait. dams,spillways,river fishing
How to Fish Weed Beds
Cast out and then reel just fast enough to keep your line above snags. Give it a little tug when you want to change direction stopping wherever you please. fishing weed beds,planer bobbers
How to Fish Stumps
Fishing in an area of stumps can be much more productive with the BulletBobber bumping the stump. It can wake them up and get a strike. When you wrap around a stump the BulletBobber will bump the stump but your lure will won't. Your lure will work its way around staying very close to the sump but not snag it. fishing stumps,fishing trees,fish structure

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BULLETBOBBERS, DUALFINS and PROWLER PLANERS "Are Steerable" Mini planer board bobbers with directional control flip direction and color with a pop of the rod tip!

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