Use any current (shown by cross-hatching) to move downstream and use the direction control to move in and out of the current fishing anywhere from bank to bank 100 yards downs stream without recasting.

The #1 Effective Way to Fish
Slip Rigging a Bullet Bobber is the best way to fish. Jig it and moves sideways not towards you. slip rigging,float and fly,texas rig bobber
How to Troll the Shoreline
Walk and troll your lure parallel to shore or zigzag and flip to walk back. shore fihing,trolling,planing bobber
How to Fish Rivers
Fishing currents is great FUN because you never need to recast.
How to Fish Weed Beds
Use the direction control to steer around weed beds stopping wherever you please.
How to Fish Stumps
Zigzag to bump or wrap around stumps with a weedless can wake them up and get a strike.
Some examples of how to fish from kayaks, canoes or boats

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BULLETBOBBERS, DUALFINS and PROWLER PLANERS "Are Steerable" Mini planer board bobbers with directional control flip direction and color with a pop of the rod tip!

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